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Brand Protection

Brand Protection is a fundamental component in the anti-counterfeiting industry.
React UK offers a bespoke brand protection service that is tailored to the individual requirements of each client.

We collaborate with law enforcement agencies to put a stop to product counterfeiting and criminal activities by working on behalf of our clients to conduct investigations and identifications.

Brands Protected by React UK

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UK and Overseas Brand Protection

React UK was created in 1997 and serves as the first point of call for a wide range of UK and overseas brands, providing support and protection in the face of counterfeit goods and services. As the biggest company of our kind in the UK, we have over 20 years experience in the anti-counterfeiting industry and offer a multitude of different services including brand protection, investigations, training, and law enforcement support.

Offering a bespoke service, React UK can tailor each of these services exclusively to the needs of the client and their specific industry requirements. This flexibility allows us to combine our knowledge, experience, and passion for anti-counterfeiting with a unified aim to provide an invaluable service alongside clear and consistent results. and React Network

Working in partnership with and the React Network, a household name that many of our clients will be familiar with, React UK is able to collaborate with industry experts across the world in order to fight against the prevalence of counterfeit goods and services on behalf of our client.

Collaboratively, we represent and protect over 100 brands both in the UK and overseas.


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  • “The team at React UK are incredibly well-connected within law enforcement so I know that my brands will always be well looked after – we’ve had some great seizures around key sporting events this year. It’s been great to show the business that our brand protection strategy has yielded results and React have been instrumental in that. They’re also friendly, approachable and cost effective.” Sophie Edgerton, Corporate Council, Pentland Brands Limited
  • “Timberland has partnered with React for close to 20 years in the brand protection field. We are consistently pleased with the high level of service and technology they provide.” Kristine Scholtz, Brand Protection TBL Licensing LLC - US Branch