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React UK is the biggest and longest standing anti-counterfeiting company in the UK and we currently represent a growing client base of 118 brands that are registered both in the UK and overseas. It is our intention to serve as the first point of call for each of our clients and be recognised as a reliable UK contact for any overseas brands who require anti-counterfeiting and brand protection services.

The clients that we represent tend to be high-end, luxury brands that are well-known by the public and require specialist care to stay one step ahead of the bad intentions of counterfeiting criminals. React UK has developed a mutual relationship with its clients and works behind the scenes to protect brands every step of the way. We collaborate with law enforcement agencies like Customers, Border Control Forces, Trading Standards and even the Police on behalf of our clients and serve as an official representative throughout any subsequent criminal proceedings.

React UK is proud to work with such affluent brands and we recognise that the majority of consumers aren’t aware of the hard work that takes place out of the public eye, however all of the steps that we take on behalf of our clients are completely necessary anti-counterfeiting measures. We represent our clients by working closely with Trading Standards, an agency that is typically consumer focused, to deliver an essential service that these brands rely on.

"Our mission is to protect the Intellectual Property of our clients and always maintain brand integrity, and the number of clients that we represent only continues to grow year-by-year."

Some Of Our Clients

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